Sipahh - Integrated Strategy
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About the brand

Sipahh is a revolutionary straw that makes milk a fun and tasty experience. This innovative product plays with the elements of excitement, curiosity and health amongst kids.

Integrated strategy

Sipahh wanted to introduce the concept of Milk Flavoring Straws in the MFD category. Their key objective was to create brand awareness and advocates amongst their TG. Sounds fairly simple! But not when the key challenge was to penetrate in the already flourishing industry with known players and induce habit transformation. We identified a key insight that the kids acts as influencers in most of the decisions in a family although they are not the decision-makers. Riding on the key insight, we created an integrated online-offline strategy, which allows us to influence the kids with the products as well as sample it. Uppercrust Food and Wine Festival become our destination for the offline event. An innovative Milk Bar was created which catered to only kids and was installed at the festival. Enough online buzz about the event was created through various mediums with a defined content strategy. The mediums were: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Listing Websites like MyCityForKids
  • Blogs by Influential blogger moms
  • Tweetchat with Chef Rushina
  • Whatsapp Groups
  • Digital Invites
  • Live Tweeting during the food festival



  • We not only generated enough UGC from the consumers who came to our Milk Bar, but also generated enough brand advocates through sampling.
  • These brand advocates voiced their opinion on different mediums and forums like social media and blogs, describing their happiness as their kids now started having milk with Sipahh straws.
  • This strategy ensured that there was organic fan growth of 50% on Facebook and 100% organic growth on all other platforms.