About the brand

Jewelsouk is an eminent online jewellery marketplace showcasing leading brands of jewellery and bestow an extensive array of fine and fashion jewellery. 


Saying that Jewelsouk is an online jewellery marketplace is not enough. Showcasing various jewellery styles, they have established themselves as the largest online jewellery marketplace for the masses and are treated as market pioneers in the digital world.


The goal was to increase talk--ability and sales for the brand through social media. Sales through social media is not an easy task, but we jumped at this opportunity as it allowed us to experiment and get real results.


According to us, incorporating social media into their sales process was a natural extension of what they were already doing. We identified the social media platform for the brand and approached each platform differently.

  • Each week different themes were created and special online offers were devised for Jewelsouk social media community.
  • Insights for all the platforms were analyzed and the learning were implemented to optimize sales results. 
  • The ongoing media campaigns were optimized on a daily basis to increase the visits to the website



  • We saw 3-fold increase in website visits
  • The sales from Social Media on the website, increased by 10% M-O-M
  • In addition to this, customers also started giving positive reviews as we made the response management more personal and relevant to the customers
  • Overall increasing the WOM marketing and positive sentiment amongst the users