Say No Campaign
About the Brand

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Australian Open is a major tennis tournament held annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne, Australia. All over the world, people follow this sport religiously and so do many Indians. Sony LIV wanted their audience to come to their Sony LIV app to watch the live streaming of this famous international sport. The task at hand was not only to engage the loyal follower base of tennis but also engage with a larger mass. 

Say No Campaign

The solution was simply in our face! Everyone associates with the Left to Right head movement of a spectator viewing any Tennis Match, which can also be perceived as saying no to something. We took this commonly associated phenomenon and created communication around “SAY NO” while viewing the Australian Open series on Sony LIV. 

  • A series of animated videos were created depicting regular situations in anyone’s life with the “SAY NO” communication. 
  • Social media platforms were flooded with various match relevant updates under the SAY NO theme
  • An overall media was rolled out across relevant sites to amplify the reach of SAY NO 

The videos captured the emotion of being engrossed in the sport that a fan goes through and hence “Says No” to everything apart from watching Australian Open on Sony LIV. This communication garnered high response as it ensured relatbility amongst our followers. Various influencers spoke about #SayNo and shared the videos during the course of Australian Open and thus made it a high engaging campaign. This communication garnered high response as it ensured relatbility amongst our the sports enthusiasts.

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