About the brand

Sony LIV is your online destination for Sony Entertainment Network. This is the place where you can watch all your favourite shows – past and present Jab Aap Chahein! 


 The Brief:

Sony LIV had shot an exclusive web series “Tanlines” with a fresh & ultra-modern approach which connects with the youth. The brief was to create awareness about the web series and create a brand connect with today’s generation.



The show “Tanlines” captures various characters experiencing many situations for the first time in their lives as individuals and as a group. They all learn and explore new sides of themselves and of each other. We adapted the core notion of the show to the famous drinking game #Never HaveIEver, which stems from an idea where friends reveal their crazy adventures and situations that have transpired. #NeverHaveIEver is an evergreen cultural trend amongst the youth and hence each and every youngster resonated with the thought. The various elements of the show like the first boyfriend, the first ever kiss, the first outing with friends, the first party lended itself very well to the overarching thought. We created a first ever #NeverHaveIEver chain on social media platforms which was tied back to the show Tanlines. The youth immediately connected with the #NeverHaveIEver thought and had an immediate affiliation with Tanlines. Various characters of the show were introduced with #NeverHaveIEver thought. For each webisode, a unique #NeverHaveIEver situation was created from the show to engage the youth.



  • #NeverHaveIEver caught on like wild fire across social media platforms where every fan and follower was taking in the same language as us.
  • The show got phenomenal views on all the brand platforms with video views reaching more than 5 million.
  • The Facebook fan page crossed 2.1 millions fans growing at a whopping 3% growth on one day itself.
  • #NeverHaveIEver organically trended on Twitter for 6 hours giving more than 3 million impressions on the day of the launch.
  • The twitter follower base increased by 1700 over a period of 3 days and the engagement rate on Twitter went up by 20%.
  • Various brands joined the #NeverHaveIEver Bandwagon.
  • The thought #NeverHaveIEver was so strong that it was incorporated in the mainline campaign as well.
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