About the brand

Serena Beach Resort is located close to the city of Mandvi, in Kutch. Being a beachfront property, the resort takes you on a journey to discover yourself with its uber class hotel experience & impeccable services.

The Strategy

 In the technology age, Serena Beach Resort didn’t want to lag behind to make its presence felt in the online space. Moreover, they knew that travellers now depend a lot on the online space for all the information.


The challenge was to make noise about the resort without sounding pompous. We identified that while the resort is a luxury resort, it’s the location which makes all the difference. The key insight was that the resort boasts about Kutch more than the resort itself. The same thought was carried forward and built into a strategy which talks about romanticizing the place rather than the resort on social media. The content strategy talked more about different offerings that Kutch had to offer. Content pegs activated were like: 

  • #CraftofKutch
  • #PeopleofKutch
  • #TravelQuotes
  • #KutchFact
  • #RannUtsav
  • #AttractionsofKutch
  • #RomanticGetaway

Various listing websites like Tripadvisor were activated and response management was made real-time. Overall after a period of few months, the traveller community started resonating to travel experiences with the brand. 



  • The content strategy ensured that the travel community talked about Serena Beach resort when they talked about Kutch
  • Travellers started posting more reviews over a period of time
  • The twitter follower base increased 2-folds organically and the engagement rate on Facebook went up by 20%.


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