Havmor Digital Strategy
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About the brand

Havmor is an Ice Cream brand. Havmor is a neologism for 'have more' which means the customer gets more value for money and more taste to relish from the brand's ice creams.


The first thought that was associated with ice-cream was having fun. And when the brand itself enforces you to have more of everything, what better strategy can suit more than Having More Fun than anything else. Hence, our umbrella thought for the online space became “HavmorFunn”. 


Under the filter of “Have More”, we marked various calendar events, occasions and festivals and formed a strategy which revolves around “Have More”. Various campaigns were carried out basis the umbrella thought. The campaigns were:

  • #HavmorFunnWithFriends during Friendship Day
  • #HavmorFunnWithSiblings during Rakshabandhan
  • #SpinMoretoHavmor during Diwali
  • #HavmorGoesSupersonic during Supersonic Festival in Goa


Not only the campaign, we used a thematic content strategy under the same filter which changed bi-weekly and engaged the community. Some of the themes were like:

  • #HavmorConversations
  • #HavmorMusic
  • #HavmorBucketList


Over a period of 3 months, the the Havmor community started resonating to #HavmorFunn with the brand. 



  • With the integrated approach, the Havmor community started using #HavmorFunn in their daily conversations
  • We not only established the Brand Identity and recall but also created highly engaging PTAT of 10% on Facebook
  • It is one of the fastest organically growing community on socal media
  • Various Digital News Portals like Social Samosa and Lighthouse insights covered the campaigns at various instances
  • #HavmorFunnwithFriends and #SpinMoretoHavmore got listed in the best 43 digital campaigns by Lighthouse Insights


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