About the Brand

Acer brand was launching new series of smartphones in India for the 1st time.


Brief: They wanted to communicate to the masses about their launch and create awareness about Acer also emerging as a new mobile phone developer. At the same time they wanted to create an affinity with their audience.

In the extremely cluttered Mobile OEM category, we usually see only functional and price point communication. The biggest challenge for Acer was to stand out and make its presence felt.

Mobile Manners

How did this get our heads rolling?

We saw an opportunity, to do something beyond feature communication and stand for something relevant and relatable. 

That’s where our BIG IDEA emerged.


Embracing the challenge, we identified a unique space to interact with the audience and introduced awareness on Mobile etiquettes. Hence making Acer a socially responsible brand, which stands for MOBILE MANNERS.

We took the onus of educating the people through the brand that mobile phone is not a social hindrance if Mobile Manners are followed. A brand ambassador Nawab Manners-Ali was introduced who communicated the brand message in a unique Nawabi way.

  • Various quirky videos and other communication pegs were created to spread the awareness. 
  • An entire online drive was activated in the form of an iPledge microsite, urging people to pledge and follow Mobile Manners.
  • Heavy media was rolled out to reinforce the message. Banners across reach sites, youth oriented sites, business, entertainment and tech verticals were activated with banner messages on Mobile Manners.
  • To drive sales an extensive SEM campaign and Programmatic buying was executed. Resulting into 100% sales within the 1st 3 days of the rollout. Hence the marketing achieving their complete target on Day 3 of the campaign itself.

Overall the entire campaign activation developed a strong impression on the audience and received tremendous response which also resulted into actual sales, making it a grand success.

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