About Us
Prodigitz is the brainchild of Khushboo Tulsiani.

Our CEO (Chief of Everything Officer) is a U2 fan, a globetrotter, & can kick your @$$ in board games.
After proving herself successful in key positions at top agencies & amassing over 13 years of experience in Digital Marketing, in 2015, she set up Prodigitz.

Her creative vanguards are called the Prodigies (at least that’s what we call ourselves).

We’re a band of binge-watching, tea/coffee addicts who dislike it when the brands we work for aren’t being talked about & hence are constantly searching for the next big idea that’s hiding in plain sight.

Apart from the usual roles of account lead, copywriter, & designer; people here also play the part of the devil’s advocate (during debates), quality control inspector (because work described as “okay” ain’t okay), and social media surfers.

Here, experienced professionals and young fresh minds work together to bring out what’s best for a brand in the digital space.

Here, creativity is ‘the force’. Good ideas + great execution binds us all. Social media channels are the matrix where we live.

Witness us.

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